Lisa Lambert

Track H: EPA: Energy Strategy for the next 10 years
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Leader, Global Natural Resource Management
United States
“All of the Above” Approach to Decarbonization

Energy efficiency has historically been recognized for its contribution to efficient operations resulting in reduced cost. More recently, energy efficiency is not only valued for cost reduction, but also as the foundational step to achieve significant greenhouse gas reductions leading to decarbonization. This presentation will describe Eastman’s historical success with energy efficiency in the context of the company’s pivot to broader sustainability goals. While the energy efficiency efforts are being bolstered with additional rigor, the company is using a multi-pronged approach to achieve ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. In addition to energy efficiency, Eastman’s strategy includes renewable energy, process transformation, and breakthrough technologies. Eastman rigorously monitors progress and projections of greenhouse gas emissions to ensure the company is on target to achieve the ambitious sustainability goals established.

Lisa has 32 years experience at Eastman, spending over half of her career designing and overseeing operation and maintenance of Eastman’s Kingsport site power distribution system. In 2008, she began leading the energy program at the Kingsport site as the Site Energy Coordinator. Lisa now manages the Global Natural Resource Management group which provides support to Eastman sites globally focusing on improving energy efficiency and the use of natural resources, as well as working to achieve Eastman’s aggressive sustainability goals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is a Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee.

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