Kathleen Stanley

Track A: Energy Master Planning
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Energy Advocates LLC
United States
City of Springfield - Energy Master Plan Case Study

In April 2005, executive leadership at the City of Springfield became concerned with the lack of information around the city’s energy usage and costs and wanted to gain a better understanding of these issues. City leadership wanted to use this information to improve their city and its facilities. Fast forwarding to 2018, the city has implemented so many improvement projects and saved so much energy in its efforts to implement energy efficiency and conservation projects that their results are astonishing. The city has earned the title of Green Community, a designation bestowed by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources for those communities meeting specific criteria. By 2018 the city surpassed a 26% reduction in energy usage from their baseline. This presentation will focus on the initial efforts of the City staff, how to start such a program and the efforts to gain momentum to achieve such results.

About Kathleen Stanley
Kathleen is a Certified Energy Manager and holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. She is a Board Member of the Association of Energy Engineers and a past president. She has held positions with utilities, energy suppliers, building automation manufacturers, and energy data management companies.
Kathleen has held account management positions for suppliers of both natural gas and electricity and currently helps organizations save money and reduce risk as the founding principal of Energy Advocates LLC.
Kathleen has completed the Public Contracting Overview course offered by the Massachusetts Office of
the Inspector General. She is a recipient of the Mayor’s Energy Conservation Award, City of Springfield, MA and has earned the Master Sales Award from Johnson Controls.

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