Kat Janowicz

Track L: Accelerating Community Pathways to Net Zero
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
President & CEO, Author
United States
Decarbonization of the Largest US Ports

More than two decades ago, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach found themselves at a crossroads. To prosper as international trade hubs and compete on the world stage, they had to do something about the air pollution spewing from the ships, trucks, trains, and equipment moving cargo through their gateways.

That something had to be big. Otherwise, the lawsuits were to keep coming with harsh regulations to follow. It wasn’t as if the ports were doing nothing to protect the environment. But they needed to shift from reactive to proactive. Ultimately, they undertook unprecedented measures to meet this fundamental challenge.

The chain of events that led to a dramatic reduction in emissions and the ongoing challenges these ports face give rise to the inherent global challenges of tackling pollution.

Just as pollution is a human problem, the tale of the transformation of the San Pedro Bay ports is a human story with many personal stories of everyday people whose livelihoods depend on international trade, transportation, and supply chains to succeed, yet whose survival depends on eliminating the harmful emissions born from this success.

This presentation covers critical energy and environmental matters related to climate science awareness, policy perspectives, and decarbonization technologies in the goods movement sector.

Kat Janowicz is a leading environmental and business strategist in energy, transportation, and global trade. Her expertise in assessing clean technologies, infrastructure upgrades, and associated risks enables informed decision-making. She emphasizes process improvement and lessons learned while working with private industry, public agencies, and local communities.

With an in-depth understanding of project lifecycles, from planning and engineering design through construction to operations and maintenance, Kat has effectively managed large industrial facilities and complex infrastructure projects, including the development of renewable and nuclear power plants.

As the author of "Chasing Zero: The story of how the busiest US ports cut pollution, reshaped industries, and influenced geopolitics in the ongoing quest for clean air," Kat unveils a gripping tale of the transformative journey of the Ports of LA and Long Beach, impacting international trade. The book stands as a testament to human ingenuity, addressing environmental, economic, technological, and workforce challenges for a sustainable world.

Kat Janowicz, President and CEO of 3COTECH Inc. and board member of trade associations, inspires positive change worldwide through public speaking.

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