Jose Samuel Monterroso

Track F: Building Performance
Fri/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Energy & Engineering Director
Servicios Energéticos e Ingeniería
Energy Audits in Steam Systems

The Implementation of energy efficiency projects is one of the best practices to reduce energy consumption, pollution, climate change and of course obtain monetary savings.

In industry, a boiler or steam generator is a closed metal container, equipped with a heat source where water is heated or boiled.

In general terms, a boiler is a heat exchanger that takes advantage of the heat that is produced when burning a fuel, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, where the heat from any energy source is transformed into usable energy, through a transport medium in the liquid or vapor phase of a fluid (mainly water), this is achieved through the action of heat at a temperature higher than ambient and pressure greater than atmospheric.

Next, the parameters that influence to have an efficient or deficient boiler:
* Flue gas temperature.
* Excess air level.
* Feed water temperature.
* Combustion air temperature.
* Cleaning of surfaces on the water side and on the fire side.
* Column and bottom purges.
* Steam pressure.
* Radiation and convection losses.
Distribution system and condensate returns in optimal conditions.
The results of energy audits in steam systems carried out in Guatemala, Central America will be presented.

I´m an Industrial Engineer, Master in Maintenance Engineering, PhD in Business Administration with a major in Strategic Planning.

Internationally, I´m a Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) & Certified Green Building Energy (CGBE™), endorsed by the Association of Energy Engineers of the USA; competencies that recognize the abilities to optimize the energy performance of an installation, building or industrial plant. Also Certified Auditor of Energy Management Systems according to ISO 50,001:2018, and Certified Auditor in Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14,001:2015 both endorsed by Bureau Veritas of Spain.

Currently president of a Association of Energy Engineers Guatemala Chapter. Co-founder and Energy & Engineering Director of the company Servicios Energéticos e Ingeniería (ESCO Model), Certified Consultant at the International Power Association (IPA)in USA, Professor at Universidad Galileo in different Master's courses regarding Energy Efficiency, Energy Management and Renewable Energies for self-consumption. International Member of the Association of Energy Engineers in USA. Member and active collegiate of the Colegio de Ingenieros Guatemala.

I have carried out the audits of the ISO 50,001:2018 Energy Management Systems of the 2 certified industries in Guatemala. More than 75 Energy Audits throughout his career as Energy Manager. More than 24 years of experience in maintenance management, energy efficiency, energy saving projects, industrial marketing and industrial electromechanics.

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