Joseph Martorano

Track J: Renewables and Microgrids
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Vice President Engineering & Project Management
Northeast-Western Energy Systems
United States
The 3 R's of Microgrids-Resilient, Reliable and Renewable: Hybrid Microgrids and Net Zero Carbon

Our presentation will outline the use of a Hybrid microgrid as a solution to creating a or modernizing a District Energy system so that it meets a net zero carbon emissions footprint. The Study will be highlighted by our experience in both Designing and constructing various hybrid systems throughout the country. It will detail the various technologies, their integration, basic operations and the emissions, ROI and cost savings that can be generated. Our Study will try to show that with the proper design, a district energy system can not only be a very beneficial service for its customer but be a “green” partner to the communities it serves.

Joseph Martorano P.E. is a graduate of Penn State University and a Licensed Mechanical Engineer in 6 states and has over 35 years’ experience in the energy and utility industry. Joseph was the past general Manager of the New Jersey and New York region for Veolia Energy’s district energy systems (Now Vicinity Resources) located in Trenton New Jersey and Brooklyn New York.

Joseph was a past speaker at both the IDEA 2019 Campus Energy and Annual Conference on sustainable microgrids.

Joseph was also the Vice President of Supply Management for Exelon’s unregulated business that supplied power to over 400 institutional customers in Massachusetts. Joseph led the team that developed electric retail competition in the State of Pennsylvania and developed one of the first unregulated retail energy pilots in the country.

Joseph has been working in the “green” energy space for many years and helped develop over 5% of all solar projects in the State of New Jersey. Joseph was the past Senior Vice President of Kiely Engineering. Kiely was a specialized Design-Build firm serving the water and energy utility industry.

Presently Joseph is the Vice President of Engineering for Northeast Western Energy Systems. NES-WES is a vertically integrated firm that provides EPC services to the non-utility generating industry. We specialize in hybrid systems and cogeneration.

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