John Romano

Track F: Building Analytics
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
EVP of Sales
Autani, LLC
United States
Analytics Moves to the Edge

Millions and millions of square feet of commercial real estate present an enormous opportunity for IoT to increase sustainability and energy-saving goals. Smarter buildings will provide real-time building data using smart sensors and insights that reduce resources. IoT platforms currently in use have proven to drive down lighting and HVAC energy usage and costs as well as help business owners better maximize their current space and help reduce the need for new buildings. This technology can help create a world where every building has the ability to operate with an advanced, up-to-date sensory system that delivers real-time data never available before to make smarter operational decisions.

The IoT has progressed significantly in the commercial space, but it has the potential to make an even bigger impact and solve tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Challenges we never anticipated and solutions we have yet to dream of. Discover how the IoT and big data are critical to high performance buildings and how they prepare us for the future.

: John Romano is Autani’s EVP of sales.
Romano has more than 25 years of experience in lighting, control and energy
conservation, with a demonstrated history of working in the information
technology and services industry. He is skilled in HVAC, smart grid,
entrepreneurship, and energy efficiency.

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