Jessica Harris

Track B: Energy Management 103
Fri/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Harris Energy Solutions, LLC
United States
Energy Basics -Renewables

Jessica will present the overall United States Energy: Sources and Sectors along with the pros and cons of each renewable technology. Jessica will discuss why and how to integrate specific renewable energy technology into current and future projects to address GHG emission reduction that is becoming mandatory in cities and states. Which renewable technology is the most geographically feasible,
quickest to implement, and has the largest potential capacity?

Jessica is a Certified Energy Manager with a mechanical engineering degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her experience in building commissioning and energy modeling resulted in Jessica becoming a CBCP, MFBA, HERS Rater, and NGBS Verifier. Jessica has vast exposure in project management, construction administration, and extensive experience with utility energy incentive programs. Jessica has developed over 600 MW of photovoltaic designs and managed 50+MW of multiple PV projects for construction administration including ground, roof, and canopy systems.

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