James Waltz

Track B: Energy Management 101
Wed/PM 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Energy Resource Associates Inc
United States
Performance Contracting 101

James P. Waltz is one of the godfathers of the energy savings performance contracting industry. In the early 1980's he was a principal in the startup of a Fortune 500 temperature control firm's energy services business venture. That firm continues to be a major if not dominant player in the ESPC field. In addition to his Fairmont Press book on computerized building simulation, he authored "Management, Measurement and Verification for Performance Contracting" and taught AEE's 2 day seminar on performance contracting for 5 years. He will share his experience and insights into both the fundamentals of ESPC, as well as advanced topics including his experience as an expert witness on ESPC legal cases. A natural story teller, Mr. Waltz’s presentations are found to be both informative and entertaining.

James P. Waltz, P.E., is an acknowledged pioneer in the field of energy management. Prior to the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973, he made a personal commitment to energy management as a principal focus of his engineering career. The former energy manager for the Air Force Logistics Command and the University of California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He has worked as an energy management engineer for consulting and contracting firms. In 1981 he founded Energy Resource Associates to help develop the then-emerging energy services industry. AEE’s 1993 International Energy Engineer of the Year, elected to AEE’s Hall of Fame in 2005, and AEE’s Scholarship Chair from 2001 to 2012. Taught performance contracting and building simulation seminars for AEE, taught engineering courses at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, is an Editorial Advisory Board member for HPAC Engineering magazine, and served on the DOE's 1997 International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Technical Committee.

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