James Park

Track K: New Technologies
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Chief Environment Officer
I-Star Energy Solutions
United States
Insulation is Greener Than Trees

Saving energy begins with using less. Reducing carbon goes hand in hand with reducing energy. The cheapest energy is energy you don't use. When insulation is installed efficiently less fuel is used and the carbon footprint is reduced. Planting a tree is an effective way to reduce carbon naturally but a average fully mature tree only removes 50 lbs. of carbon a year. One foot of insulation on a 350 degree pipe provides a 2300 lb. reduction. PowerPoint will illustrate opportunities for insulation, commonly ignored in ESPC projects, with infrared photograph examples and detailed methods of calculating the savings and reductions.

Jim brings 40 years of construction management knowledge and experience to the Energy Appraisal team of I-Star Energy Solutions and The Irex Contracting Group. He is a Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser, Certified Level II Infrared Thermographer, Building Analyst Professional, Certified Level I Airborne Ultrasound Tech and Project Manager. Performing Energy appraisals and business development functions, Jim’s hands-on experience as a Tradesman/Installer, Apprenticeship Trainer, Manufacturer’s Sales Manager, Distributor, Contractor, Estimator, Project Manager and Educator makes him a valuable member of the I-Star team. Jim has presented at GlobalCon, WEEC, Inframation, and multiple Building Inspector, Fire Marshall, Architectural and Engineering forums.

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