Hunter Wilkinson

Track B: Utility and Electric Rates
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Utility Management Services
United States
Curtailable/Interruptible Rates

Most power companies have some sort of curtailable or interruptible rate. These rates provide very steep discounts throughout the year. In exchange, customers typically must curtail load during peak events. These peak events occur during the warmest/coldest days of the year. The days when everyone is utilizing their AC, and in-turn straining the electric grid to its capacity. On the other hand, it is completely plausible for an event not to be called that year, depending on the amount of excess energy a provider has. That's why these rates are two-part payments, capacity and performance credits. Allowing the customer to get paid even when there are no events called. Ultimately, curtailment programs allow businesses to maximize their financial savings while simultaneously protecting the electric grid from failure.

Hunter Wilkinson is an Analyst at Utility Management Services Inc and has provided support with the analysis of thousands of customer accounts. In his current role, he optimizes database management systems, analyzes customer data, conducts electric usage audits, and prepares reports of findings. Mr. Wilkinson is a Certified Business Energy Professional in Training (BEP-IT, ID# Pending), and holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, with minors in Mathematics and Data Science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Also, he is currently working towards his Master of Science in Business Analytics.

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