Guy Frankenfield

Track K: Energy Storage
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Energy Market Manager
DN Tanks
United States
Three Thermal Energy Storage Case Studies

Owners who are interested in financial benefits of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks may also be concerned that a TES tank is too difficult to construct at their campus. This presentation will provide an overview of the financial benefits of a TES system, and examples on how the challenges of constructing a large tank were overcome on three different projects.

Guy S. Frankenfield, is responsible for the energy related projects at DN Tanks, specializing in Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks. Guy’s career has included working for Fortune 500 companies, including Trane, IBM, and Honeywell. His 41 years of business experience includes mechanical engineering design and energy efficiency project development. He is an active member of ASHRAE’s technical subcommittee 6.9 Thermal Storage including past-chairman. Guy has presented at numerous National conferences including; AEE (World, East, and West), International District Energy Association (IDEA), ASHRAE, APPA, the Energy Exchange, Energy Storage Association, EUEC, and EUCI.

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