Erin Zayko

Track I: The Better Plants Program: Energy Efficiency and Energy Management
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Environmental Stewardship Engineer
Lockheed Martin
United States
Lockheed Martin's Energy Playbook

The Lockheed Martin Energy Playbook (EPB) is a benchmarking tool for the identification and comparison of energy and water efficiency opportunities. The EPB assigns a 1-100 score and color code, which reflect how a building performs against ~80 attributes of efficiency. Grading buildings through a consistent method brings to the forefront projects and best practices. These opportunities are then analyzed in more detail. Ultimately, the EPB and resulting completed energy projects drive down carbon emissions and costs. This presentation will provide an overview of the EPB within the context of Lockheed Martin's larger sustainability program, along with benefits, challenges, and lessons learned associated with its implementation.

Erin Zayko has a well-rounded understanding of energy management and sustainability in commercial and industrial spaces, having worked and managed these types of programs for more than 16 years for non-profit, state, federal, utility, and private-sector clients. Today she is an Environmental Stewardship Engineer for Lockheed Martin, helping to advance the corporation’s goals for reducing carbon emissions, waste, and energy and water use. She was formerly an AEE Building Energy Professional and is preparing to become a Certified Energy Manager.

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