Eric Dupont

Track J: Renewables and Microgrids
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
EVP & Chief Development Officer
PowerSecure, Inc.
United States
Microgrids: Supporting an Evolving Energy Landscape

As the world’s relationship with energy rapidly evolves, unchanging energy systems are no longer the solution. Custom microgrid systems are growing in number, and more people are realizing the potential that renewable natural gas and renewable diesel holds for the future of energy. PowerSecure, a Microgrid+ developer founded in 2000, uses a 360 integrated delivery model to ensure each system is and will remain expandable, flexible, and clean. When creating a custom microgrid, focus must be placed on key elements: the Network Operations Center, Microgrid Controls, Switchgear, and Distributed Energy Resources (DER). These elements allow for modernization and change, and add future technologies such as solar, fuel cells, energy storage, and more to microgrids - in an efficient and cost-effective manner. When creating systems meant to last decades, efficiency and flexibility is key. Microgrids readily account for the fast-paced changes that the world of energy necessitates. In this session, we will highlight several real-world customer case snapshots that demonstrate the rapid evolution that we’re seeing across our industry today, and how we can use those lessons learned to prepare for the energy transition of tomorrow.

Eric Dupont is the Chief Development Officer for PowerSecure. He is a 25-year industry veteran, with extensive experience in strategy, corporate development, financial planning, M&A, structured finance, and commercial contracting. Eric leads long-term growth strategies, new ventures, partnerships, investments, and performance of strategic asset investments. Prior to his current role, Eric was the Chief Commercial Officer where he was responsible for overseeing commercial structuring, sales and marketing.

Eric joined PowerSecure in 2013 as VP, Finance, promoted in 2014 to EVP, CFO, Treasurer & Secretary until 2017 when he became Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to PowerSecure, he was President, Lime Energy Asset Development and held leadership roles at Ameresco and Duke Energy.

Eric holds a BSBA, Accounting, Appalachian State University and a Masters of Tax, Denver University.

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