Dušan Petráš

Track C: Alternative and Renewable Energy
Fri/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Professor and Head of the Department of Building Services
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Renewable Energy Sources for Low Exergy Radiant Systems in Buildings

Based on EPBD Directive 484/2018 EU countries requires nearly zero energy buildings which means applying of renewable energy sources. In the climatic of geographic conditions of Slovak Republic we have some opportunities for using of geothermal energy, solar energy and energy of environment. The common characteristic of all these RES systems is low potential of energy, e. g. low temperature heating for the winter period and high temperature cooling for summer period. There are low exergy radiant systems, which are able to emit heat/cool using the surface of the surrounding building constructions. The heat output of such systems is 100-400 W/m2 for heating and 50-150 W/m2 for cooling. At present such systems are very often used in our country for supplying by heat/cool especially in office buildings. We would like to present one project which is using renewable energy source from environment by heat pumps for heating and cooling of office building in Bratislava.

Professor Dušan Petráš from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava-Slovakia, is the former vice-rector of STU and dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Also he is the president of Slovakian HVAC-Association SSTP (Slovak Society of Environmental Technology) and the past-president REHVA (Representative European Heating, Ventilation Association).

Currently, he is the professor at the Department of Building services and dealing with the HVAC-systems in buildings. His scientific work is focused on the energy conservation by performance of the buildings with respect to the providing the health and comfortable indoor environment. He is author and coauthor of 15 books (Energy auditing of Buildings, Renewable Energy Sources for Low-temperature systems, Low-temperature heating and High-temperature cooling…), 50 scientific papers in foreign journals/on international conferences as well as about 100 lectures in 25 countries in 3 world languages. Professor Petráš is also member of AEE, ASHRAE, Academy of ISIAQ, REHVA Fellow, he was also the Guest Professor in DTU Lyngby (Denmark) and Guest Lecturer in FH Pinkafeld (Austria).

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