Duane Warren

Track K: New Technologies
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Senior Energy Engineer
Jones, Lang, Lasealle
United States
Chiller Optimization - Reduce Costs & Reduce Risks

Chilled Water System Optimization is a great way to reduce operating costs by as much as 40% and improve space conditions at the same time. Performed correctly, this will also help to reduce the number of failures and their severity. We'll talk about how to implement this safely, and we'll go through some practical things you can do now with your system and the equipment in it.

Duane Warren has been working in engineering, construction, and energy services for over 30 years. He has significant experience in mechanical and electrical systems in commercial, health care, educational, and industrial facilities. He has successfully performed optimization renovations in over 200 chilled water systems, ranging in size from 100 tons to as large as 200,000 tons.

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