Dr. Arun Jhaveri

Track E: M&V
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Senior Energy/Climate/Sustainability Advisor - Former City Mayor and USDOE Regional Technology Manager
City of Burien/Arun Jhaveri & Associates/Adjunct University Professor
United States
Replicable Proto-Type Climate Action Plans for International Energy Managers

With the serious Climate crisis around the world taking strong hold, including serious destructive damages to humans, flora, and fauna, it is not only imperative but also critically urgent that we as Professional Energy Managers in collaboration with other leasers and decision makers, dedicate and commit to strive for CLEAN ENERY FUTURE, NET ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS, and RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES between NOW and 2030 to 2050 timeframe, per the 2015 PARIS Agreement. This would require Developing and Implementing REALISTIC and LIFE CYCLE COST EFFECTIVE Local/Regional CLIMATE ACTION PLANS by using Innovative DECARBONIZATION Technologies, Smart Economic/Financial Measures, and Effective Public/Private/Academic/Utility/Non Profit Partnerships that can result in not to exceed 1.5 degree Centigrade atmospheric rise in temperature by 2050 or before, compared to the 2005 baseline climate related atmospheric heat.
Therefore, the purpose of this presentation is to highlight a selected comprehensive local CLIMATE ACTION PLAN in the USA that can be easily replicated around the world and would accomplish the International Goals described above.

DR. ARUN JHAVERI has more than 35 years of Professional Science/Technology/Leadership experience in the inter-related fields of Energy, Environment, Global Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Innovative Technologies in the Public, Private, and Community sectors of the economy. Dr. Jhaveri received his Doctorate from Seattle University in 2006 with Dissertation titled "Effective Leadership for Sustainable Development in the Public Sector". As part of his professional accomplishments, Arun was the First Science/Technology Advisor in the City of Seattle Mayor's Office of Management and Budget (OMB), where he designed, developed, and implemented an URBAN TECHNOLOGY Program for Innovative and Cost-effective Public Service Delivery programs that were Innovative and Cost Effective. Mr. Jhaveri was the First Mayor of the newly-incorporated City of Burien in Washington State for 6 years. Dr. Jhaveri worked for the U. S. Federal government for 24 years, first as the Engineering Project Manager for U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Seattle and then as the Regional Technology Manager for the U. S. Department of Energy's EERE/FEMP division in Seattle. Arun has been a long-standing senior member of the Association of Energy Engineers(AEE) and was inducted into AEE's HALL OF FAME in 2014. Finally, Dr. Arun Jhaveri is Co-Author of an AEE-published 2009 book entitled "Carbon Reduction : Policies, Strategies, and Technologies" . He is currently working on another Technical Publication entitled "DECARBONIZATION HANDBOOK", as a co-author with Dr. Andy Walker of USDOE/NREL. He has published and presented several Technical Papers on Energy Management, Renewable Technologies, Sustainability, and STEM issues.

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