Dennis Bass

Track K: New Technologies
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Business Development Manager
United States
Ask The Folks Who Won MORE THAN One: Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) often addresses Energy Management in a superior manner than can served by batteries or other Energy Storage technologies. The proven performance and economic value of TES are illustrated by many dozens of TES users, each of whom have procured and operated not just one, but two or even more TES installations. Examples of numerous repeat owners are identified to highlight the varied types of applications as well as the operational and economic benefits of TES.

End-user applications include: 1) daily management of peak cooling loads, but also 2) emergency back-up cooling for Mission Critical loads such as data centers, and 3) Turbine Inlet Cooling for enhanced hot weather performance of combustion turbines. Among the many repeat TES owners are such recognizable names as: 3M, Bank of America, Boeing, Cal State-Fullerton, Cal State-San Bernardino, Dominion Energy, DuPont Fabros, Ford, GM, Honeywell, IBM, Lincoln Electric Service, Lockheed Martin, Princeton U, Saudi Electricity Co., State Farm, Target, Toyota, U of California-Davis, U of Nebraska-Lincoln, U of Texas at Austin, and the US Air Force, Army, and Veterans Administration.

Dennis Bass is a Business Development Manager for CB&I, a company responsible for the installation of more than 250 Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks with over 4,700,000 ton-hours of cooling capacity over the span of four decades. CB&I provides lump sum, turnkey solutions for field erected, welded steel TES tanks used for peak shaving, turbine inlet cooling, and emergency cooling applications.

Mr. Bass has been engaged in the development of numerous TES projects and is an active member of IDEA (International District Energy Association). He is a Professional Engineer who holds a BS from the University of Utah in Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA from University of Chicago.

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