Danielle Bond

Track H: Resiliency and Reliability
Fri/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Supervisor, Senior Energy Engineer
CPower Energy
United States
Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Projects

This presentation will review how demand reductions resulting from energy efficiency (EE) projects provide reliability and may be monetized as a resource within three U.S. electric grids: PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model, MISO’s Resource Adequacy capacity market and ISONE’s Forward Capacity Market. The difference between these programs and utility rebate programs will be explained, and key distinctions among the three different programs will also be highlighted. For example, the OnPeak program with ISONE’s Forward Capacity Market incorporates fuel-switching, solar, and CHP projects whereas these are excluded from the EE program in PJM’s capacity market. Each region also has distinct seasons and performance hours. An overview of different types of energy efficiency projects, ranging from lighting to large custom industrial projects, will be provided along with a basic summary of typical measurement and verification requirements. The presentation will educate customers on the potential opportunities for additional revenue and basic requirements for eligibility when considering EE projects in these regions.

Danielle Bond has worked in the field of buildings, energy, and sustainability for 15 years. Most recently with CPower Energy, she leads the measurement and verification of energy efficiency projects and supports the monetization of distributed energy resources across a multitude of markets and programs nationwide. With a background in mechanical engineering and education, she has a passion for sustainability and sharing ideas.

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