Corey Keen

Track E: Commissioning
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Director of Energy Services
United States
Inspiration4 Learning: Lessons from Commissioning St. Jude's Advanced Research Facility

St. Jude completed the 625,000 square foot Advanced Research Facility in mid-2021, which provides state-of-the-art research space for transformative research and collaboration of scientists and clinicians. The daily mission of the facility is dependent on the performance of the systems, and commissioning played a pivotal role in all phases of the project to ensure performance was realized. St. Jude and consultants provide a deep dive on areas of success associated with the Advanced Research Facility, as well as discuss opportunities to improve Commissioning for future St. Jude projects.

• List the Goals of Commissioning at St. Jude
• Identify Commissioning Success on the Advanced Research Facility
• Describe Detailed Changes in the Commissioning Scope of Services St. Jude is Considering
• Explain Why Those Changes Add Value to St. Jude

As the Director of Energy Services at Entegrity Partners, Corey oversees the operations of Entegrity’s energy modeling, energy audits, and measurement and verification services in the region. Additionally, Corey is responsible for the successful completion of all commissioning work company-wide, serves as a commissioning agent and technical expert on the most complex projects, as well as assists with building testing and sustainability consulting projects.

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