Cliff Majersik

Track F: Building Performance
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Senior Advisor
United States
Building Performance Standards: The Most Powerful Tool to Reduce Emissions

Buildings account for approximately a third of U.S. carbon emissions. How do we reduce energy use in existing buildings? A new type of policy in place in three states and seven localities, called a Building Performance Standard (BPS), is so promising that the White House has formed a national coalition of local and state governments committed to passing policies by next year. The Institute for Market Transformation supports the BPS Coalition and is an expert on BPS policy design, adoption, and implementation. Learn what these policies can do for climate, health, resiliency, jobs, and the economy…and how the trend toward energy accountability is rapidly shifting the real estate market.

Cliff Majersik is IMT’s Senior Advisor. Under his guidance as executive director from 2009–2019, IMT became a trailblazer in the energy efficiency field, recognized across the globe for accelerating investment in energy-efficient buildings through hands-on guidance, technical and market research, policy and program development, and promotion of best practices.

Cliff has gained national prominence as a pioneer in integrating building energy and climate performance in appraisal, lending, building codes, and building performance policy. His advice is often sought on developing legislation, including instrumental work on developing laws adopted in Washington, D.C., California, St. Louis, Chicago, Colorado, New York City and the U.S. Congress.

A respected industry leader, Cliff frequently speaks to real estate, government, and energy service providers, often serving as a keynote speaker and industry judge. He is an active member of the District of Columbia Green Building Advisory Council, serves on the Board of Directors of the Emerald Cities Collective, and is a judge of the Nareit Leader in the Light Awards.

Cliff draws on previous experience as a management consultant, including an understanding of the complexity of change management and what influences company decision-making processes, to better promote the adoption of best practices.
A LEED Accredited Professional, Cliff holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in political economy from Williams College. You can follow Cliff on Twitter at @IMTCliff.

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