Claude Morris

Track I: Corporate Sustainability and Initiatives
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Senior Utilities Engineer
United States
Decarbonization with Regards to Climate Change Migration Policies

During the 2015 World Climate Summit, the Paris Agreement was agreed upon and adopted by 196 parties. This legally binding document’s goal is to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius as compared to pre-industrial levels. Achieving this “Net Zero” carbon emissions status by 2050 has several practicality issues.

The purpose of this journal report is to discuss these challenges and how they impact the implementation of the climate change mitigation policies. This report will examine the key obstacles while showcasing emerging technologies that could potentially lower carbon emissions, compare these suggested new practices against current mitigation policies for impact assessment, and make recommendations for policy changes based on retrieved data for its successful implementation.

For research, this journal report will use primary and secondary sources, academic journals, conferences, and research articles. Information will be pulled from these peer reviewed sources and unbiased conclusions based on scientific merit.

The report will present all results in an objective format detailing the problems with obtaining decarbonization, ways to combat those issues, and how the current mitigation policies are affected and what changes are required for successful implementation.

Prior US Navy Nuclear operator, degreed engineer, over 23 years of experience in power generation and energy systems including nuclear, natural gas, coal, solar, and wind.

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