Christy Cannon

Track F: Building Performance
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Solutions Consultant
Yardi Energy
United States
A Distillation of US Building Performance Standards

Also known as “Beyond Benchmarking”, Building Performance Standards are popping up around the US in cities, counties, and states. There are already dozens, and more added monthly. These newer programs are the next step beyond simply reporting scores – they now seek to enforce actual performance standards. There are only a handful of performance metrics utilized such as ENERGY STAR EUIs or Scores. They offer different compliance pathway options as well as targets. Some programs require ASHRAE Level 2 audits, retro commissioning, and/or re-tuning. Some of them have serious penalties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars… per building. What you don’t know CAN hurt you. So come to this class to see the listing of the current programs, where to go to get the latest information on them, and a distillation of their requirements and penalties for non-compliance.

Christy Cannon has been a Certified Energy Manager for 14 years with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a minor in Physics, and two years postgraduate study in Civil Engineering. Her career in energy has spanned over two decades on everything from building databases that model utility tariff rate schedules to onsite ASHRAE audits to conducting classes on peak demand management and electric market economics for City Managers, Facility Directors, and Mayors. In her current capacity at Yardi Systems she focuses on supporting the real time metering, HVAC fault detection, and building optimization products. On a more personal note, her parents were hippies, and they had rain barrels way before they were cool.

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