Christy Cannon

Track C: Metering
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Solutions Consultant
Yardi Energy
United States
Compliance and ESG and Procurement, Oh My! Are you fully utilizing your submeters?

Submetering in commercial spaces and multi-family housing is being utilized to reduce triple-net tenant utility costs, enable supply procurement contracts, provide ESG data, manage vacant spaces, create tenant utility cost billbacks, improve equipment efficiency, and of course ensure compliance with local laws and green finance requirements.

Through multiple use cases, we’ll talk about some legal considerations when installing submeters, different hardware options for different applications, and how the data is utilized to fulfill each of these goals.

Christy Cannon has been a Certified Energy Manager since 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a minor in Physics, and two years postgraduate study in Civil Engineering. Her career in energy has spanned over two decades on everything from building databases that model utility tariff rate schedules to onsite ASHREA audits to conducting classes on peak demand management and electric market economics for Mayors and City Managers. In her current capacity at Yardi Systems she focuses on supporting the real time metering, HVAC fault detection, and building optimization products. On a more personal note, her parents were hippies, and they had rain barrels way before they were cool.

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