Christo van der Merwe

Track K: Energy Data, Analytics, and Tracking
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
CFJM Solutions
South Africa
The Role of SEU's within M&V

SEU (Specific Energy Use) is widely used to define energy use relative to production or service, such as kWh / tonne or L / km. These factors are then often used to determine if a plant is achieving energy efficiency goals or what the energy use would be if production is increased. More often than not this SEU abuse leads to results not realistically achievable or when such results are reached, it puts the plant, most often than not in a worst state of operations / energy efficiency.

Any M&V professional will know and understand this and therefore do not use SEU in M&V, but develop proper M&V baseline models that characterise the energy use of that energy system correctly.

However, when no credible interval data is available to define a proper M&V baseline model, can SEU’s be used and how?

This talk will present in short, the place of SEU’s in energy management and explore one method in which SEU’s can be used in M&V to enable a better result indication than guestimate.

Christo is the owner of CFJM Solutions - a specialist industry energy consultancy and one of the few SANAS accredited M&V specialist entities in South Africa. He has gained vast experience in the M&V industry over the past 24 years by being involved in over 450 M&V projects spanning Utility DSM M&V processes, tax incentive, government funded energy efficiency projects, performance contract assessment and related verifications. These assessments covered all types of projects and energy sources across the industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential and health sectors.

Christo is also a co-director of Green SolX, an official verifier and validator for confirming renewable energy generation of entities that need an International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC).

Christo is the course trainer for the Institute of Energy Professionals Africa (IEPA) on the Measurement and Verification Training (MVT), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP®) training program as well as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Programme. He is one of only two trainers accredited by AEE to train CMVP in Sub-Sahara Africa. To date he has trained more than 400 delegates in more than 20 sessions virtually and in-person. Christo was also part of the team of four selected specialists to develop and optimise the new CMVP training for the AEE CMVP programme.

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