Bruno Fiorentino

Track F: Smart Cities: Creating Critical City Scale Infrastructure
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Vice President
Burns Engineering, Inc.
United States
Decarbonizing our Transit Systems-The Road to Zero Carbon

Transportation of all types is the largest contributor of carbon emissions, accounting for 27% of the total U.S. carbon emissions. Decarbonizing this sector calls for multiple overlapping strategies, including reducing average trip lengths and increasing the share of walking, cycling and mass transit through urban design and improved service alternatives. Of course, the use of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles of all types will also be a major aspect of decarbonizing transportation. Electrification of the community’s mass transit system creates an opportunity to both eliminate some of the highest pollution current vehicles, and to rethink future transit service quality and accessibility. It also creates a strong transformational example for all private and commercial vehicle owners in the community.

This presentation will describe the approach that New Jersey’s Transit Authorities are taking to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions by electrifying statewide transit services including both the vehicles and the supporting infrastructure. It will also explore areas where this key starting point can encourage a wider decarbonization of the state’s emission from all types of travel.

Bruno Fiorentino, PE, MBA is the Vice President of Technical Services for Burns Engineering, Inc. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years experience in Energy Management and Transit systems engineering and design. He has served as the Principal Engineer on a wide variety of large infrastructure projects. This includes working with many of the largest Transit systems in the U.S to provide innovative solutions that enhance overall system resilience while minimizing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

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