Brian McCommon

Track L: Healthy & Efficient Buildings
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Director of Direct Sales
Metrus Energy, Inc.
United States
Healthy & Efficient Buildings

How to pay for making a building Healthy & Efficient.
1. Understand the financial, technical, operational and sustainability benefits associated with the implementation of comprehensive energy and water efficiency upgrades under a Sustainable Energy Services Agreement (SESA) versus traditional capital budgeting.
2. Sustainable Energy as a Service is an umbrella category for any efficiency and renewable technology being delivered off-balance sheet and based on realized savings. This method of funding capital projects is growing quicker than the market as a whole based on the overwhelming need to upgrade facilities to be more efficient in light of increasing ESG and carbon-specific goals.

As Director of Direct Sales, Brian leads Metrus’ Direct Sales team group, managing all direct-to-customer interactions. He leads the National team of Business Development Managers covering commercial and industrial and MUSH markets. Prior to joining Metrus, Brian was the Director of Business Development at Centrica Business Solutions, before Centrica, Brian was with Tesla/SolarCity where he managed the SMB sales team.

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