Brian Clippinger

Track B: Energy Management 101
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Corporate Director of Measurement and Verification
Energy Systems Group (ESG)
United States
Energy Auditing 101

Anyone can teach you the steps to conduct an Energy Audit. This session will NOT be general instructions that anyone can obtain in 5 minutes doing a Google search. This session will focus on the execution of Energy Audits, obtaining the desired knowledge related to the energy consumption of your facilities, and the consequences of taking shortcuts during the auditing process. From the planning, execution, and evaluation of an Energy Audit – to uncovering the pitfalls and best practices you need to ensure a successful and accurate Energy Audit.

Brian is the Corporate Director of Measurement and Verification at Energy Systems Group (ESG).
He has a BS in Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Business Administration. Brian is a senior level executive with over 20 years in leadership roles in the energy, and energy services performance contracting industry.
He has a proven track record in leading diverse teams and delivering high quality projects while focusing on the best financial and technical solution for the customer. Brian’s responsibilities also include the corporate risk management portfolio of over $2 Billion in active performance guarantees.
Brian has a unique perspective on Energy Auditing as he is intimately aware of the results and consequences of both well executed and insufficiently conducted Energy Audits in performance contracting projects.

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