Blake Standen

Track D: Transformational Technologies and Techniques
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Senior Solutions Engineer
Brainbox AI
United States
From Smart to Autonomous: Pairing HVAC and AI to drive energy savings and reduce emissions

Commercial real estate represents a significant portion of global energy consumption and GHG emissions. It is often unperceived that one of the largest contributors of this energy usage comes from buildings’ HVAC systems. In fact, 45% of commercial buildings’ energy consumption comes from HVAC and 30% of it is usually wasted. What technologies or efforts are being put towards capturing these potential savings? Why is it so difficult to harness them?
In many cases, HVAC structures are designed as fixed systems or programmed for a fairly static environment, even though the weather and occupancy levels are fluid and dynamic. Deep retrofits are the traditional way to attack inefficiencies in HVAC, yet scale and impact are typically only achieved over a long horizon and provide modest gains.
With the climate crisis reaching a critical turning point, time is a luxury we no longer have. Applying AI to HVAC is a low-hanging fruit that is revolutionizing building management by pre-emptively changing how HVAC systems behave and offering a scalable and high-impact solution to improve commercial energy management. Using deep neural networks, we can predict future state of individual zones within a building with 99.6% accuracy, ensuring continuous, granular and efficient operations.

Blake Standen, Senior Solutions Engineer on the Products & Solutions team at BrainBox AI, provides technical sales support for owner direct and partner sales teams. Blake also helps create content and solutions to fit customer needs and acts as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of HVAC, Energy, and BAS.
Blake has over 13 years of energy efficiency and commercial building HVAC optimization experience as well as extensive experience in sales, technology deployment, project development, and project execution. His background includes consulting on program design, emerging technologies, measure development, building optimization strategies, energy projects, and more.

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