Bena Zeng

Track F: Building Performance
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Energy Engineer
Johns Hopkins University
United States
Fault Detection and Diagnostics(FDD): How Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins are leveraging HVAC Analytics for continous energy savings and carbon reduction

HVAC systems are responsible for nearly 40% of all building energy consumption, making it one of the best targets for energy conservation. But infrequent building commissioning and an overload of Building Automation System (BAS) alarms make it difficult for facility teams to pinpoint the greatest opportunities for energy reduction in their buildings. Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) software is an essential tool in the modern energy management process. FDD helps energy managers identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) and continuously monitor buildings systems and notify facility operations and maintenance (O&M) teams when energy waste is occurring. And it can do that long before the next utility bill comes in the mail. In this session, learn more about the specific ways Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins University are leveraging FDD to identify the most impactful energy opportunities in their buildings in real-time, automate more accurate M&V, and meet (and prove!) energy reduction commitments.

Bena Zeng works in the Engineering and Energy Department of JHFRE. At JHU, Bena is responsible for the investigation, data measurement and verification, and implementation of energy savings measures for Homewood Campus and all affiliated campuses. She brings 10 years of energy auditing, facilities management and mechanical design experience to this role. Her passion for building energy optimization and process improvement stemmed from her Mechanical Engineering degree at Syracuse University.

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