Anya Welch

Track B: Success Stories
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
High-Performance Sustainability Engineer
United States
NZE at Cost Parity

While Zero Energy buildings are becoming more common, they are not being adopted at the scale we need to meet the challenges we face. The reasons architects and engineers cite for not doing zero energy are plentiful: it takes too much time, or it costs too much, or the owner isn’t on board, or the team doesn’t know how to deliver. This session will upend these excuses and show how zero energy is possible today, within conventional budgets and using off-the-shelf technologies, using real buildings as case studies.

Anya Welch, LEED Green Associate, WELL AP, is a High-Performance Sustainability Engineer based at CMTA’s DC Office. Ms. Welch earned a M.S. in Engineering Management and B.S. in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University. As a high-performance sustainability engineer, Anya is versed in energy modeling, daylighting analysis, energy tracking, and occupant well-being analysis. Anya’s passion for the building industry’s sustainability goals has led her to seek further LEED certifications and connect with like-minded professionals to broaden her network and foster CMTA’s goal of delivering exceptional value to all clients and partners.

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