Allan Federman

Track C: Infrastructure Renewal A Phenomenological Way to Save Energy
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
VHA Energy Engineer's Advisory Board, Chairperson
US Veterans Affairs
United States
VHA Energy Engineer's Advisory Board Presentation -2021

In 2021, it's time to shine a light on the vital role that critical healthcare, energy, cyber and physical infrastructure plays in keeping the Nation and our communities safe, secure, and prosperous. Together, we are promoting Energy Resilience & Critical Infrastructure Security in a Time of Transformation.

Today, there are 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,255 VA sites of care across the nation.VA's infrastructure is dedicated to serving our 18 million American Veteran population, or about 7 percent of the adult population in 2018. VA Healthcare Engineers are responsible for maintaining over 152 million square feet of VHA-owned infrastructure with an average building age of over 55 years. There are a total of 5,632 VHA-owned buildings, of which 2088 are designated as historic buildings. Leased facilities comprise an additional 20 million net usable square feet. The latest facility condition assessment (FCA) placed the cost to eliminate the failing/nearly failing infrastructure deficiencies at over $19.4 billion. The VHA Energy Engineers Advisory Board are trained to look at problems or systems and create new or improved ways of making those systems work. The 101 total VHA Energy Engineering Workforce faces an enormous responsibility; they must effectively mitigate these complex challenges in order to support and enable the delivery of exceptional health care to our Veterans.

US Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Health Administration VHA Energy Engineer’s Advisory Board, Chairperson
10 years of Federal Energy Management Program experience at Regional/ National Levels Currently on several Interagency Working Groups and Committees

2020 Accomplishments : Some of our highlighted accomplishments include Achieved #3 of the Top Ten most attended sessions (C-2) at the US Energy Exchange 2020 Virtual Training Conference.
The VHA’s Energy Program was represented globally at the Association of Energy Engineer’s World Energy Engineers Congress and we are actively engaged in multiple US Federal Energy Management Program Better Building Challenges and Accelerators.
These include Better Buildings 50001 Ready Cohort Partners , Better Buildings Waste Reduction Pilot , Better Buildings Workforce Accelerator . Better Buildings Integrated Lighting Campaign , Better Buildings Envelope Campaign, DOE FEMP Technical Resilience Navigator DOE CESER ;DOE Technology Campaigns

Previous National /Regional Training Presentations and National Awards

• 2020 US DOE Federal Energy Program Director’s Appreciation Letter
• 2020 Power Up Energy Expo ( VHA Energy Engineer’s Advisory Board
Overview includes updates VA/DOE Strategic Engagements with FEMP & National Labs
• 2020 Energy Exchange Presented ( Advanced Metering )
• 2020 Energy Exchange Presented ( Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
• 2020 Energy Exchange Presented (Utility Partnerships )
• 2020 AEE West Virtual Conference – Renewable Energy +Energy
Efficiency +Demand Flexibility = Decarbonization
• 2019 AEE World Conference Session A3 “Threats to Critical
Infrastructure” please refer to (
• 2018 US Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program’s
Directors Awards ( FEDS Spotlight )
• 2017 Energy Exchange Track 13 Policy, Legislation and Leadership (
Session 2)
• 2017 Energy Exchange Track 11 Utility Partnerships for Resilience
• 2016 Energy Exchange Track 12 Utilities/ Data Dashboards and Decisions
• 2016 Presidential Performance Contracting Award

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