Alexander (Alec) Hay

Track L: Accelerating Community Pathways to Net Zero
Fri/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Southern Harbour Ltd
Successful Community Infrastructure Risk Management in a Decarbonized Future

Any socioeconomic transition will depend upon the infrastructure supporting and sustaining the desired end-state. The infrastructure development must, therefore, be outcome-focused with an enterprise-wide approach to planning and implementation to ensure community "ownership." It needs to enable a resilient community, necessitating balanced climate risk mitigation, adaptation and protection, but will only be as effective as the social capital allows. Recent financial reporting mandates emphasize evidence and the need to critically assess the future; it is a catalyst for changing planning and corporate behaviour that will deliver enhanced economic value and productivity at lower risk.

Founding Principal of Southern Harbour Ltd, based in Toronto, Alec was previously the Resilience & Security leader at DIALOG, before which he served 25 years in the British Royal Engineers. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, the Royal School of Military Engineering and the University of Toronto, he specialized over the last 35 years in fortifications and infrastructure development, which he practised around the World. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, where he focuses on operational risks and resilience of complex infrastructure systems and their socioeconomic influence, specifically the evidenced and sustainable transition to a net zero economy, the critical role of [all-of-society] integrated housing in sustainable community development, and the use of enterprise governance for efficient program delivery.

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