Alex Quintal

Track B: Energy Management
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
QGM Consulting
United States
Natural Gas Demand Response

Due to the increase in NG use across the Northeast and initiatives like “electrification”, the existing pipeline infrastructure is becoming strained during the coldest days of the winter. QGM partners would like to discuss strategies and challenges associated with Commercial and Industrial Natural Gas Demand Response (NG DR) programs. The topics of discussion include enrollment qualifications to identify appropriate customers, development of successful curtailment strategies, along with gas metering implementation challenges, and calculating results.

Challenges with customer selection, what NG consuming equipment is best suited to curtail, gas meter and data collection installations, and M&V protocols will be reviewed. Focus will be placed on the results of the program along with appropriate strategies taken to assure site operations aren’t negatively impacted to promote future success of the program. Results indicate there is merit to NG DR as sites can successfully navigate curtailment of gas use/processes until the demand event subside allowing additional NG capacity for the power plants.

Alex Quintal - Principal of QGM Consulting - has over 10+ years of industrial experience in performing industrial and commercial assessments with over 300+ facilities in various roles as Design and Project Engineer. Mr. Quintal works closely with companies and manufacturing processes to identify, quantify, and implement energy saving strategies to reduce baseline costs and improve competitiveness.
Mr. Quintal’s background involves working at the University of Massachusetts Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) providing energy assessments funded by the Department of Energy (DOE). During this time, he assisted customers with development of energy metrics to benchmark current energy performance of various industrial/mechanical systems and to identify, quantify, and verify energy savings opportunities and process improvement strategies. In 2021, Alex started QGM Consulting with co-founder Justin Marmaras. Mr. Quintal has published papers on The Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT) and Application to Manufacturing plants funded by the DOE.

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