Alex McCarthy

Track E: Healthy and Efficient Buildings
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Associate Director Building Systems
Sidewalk Labs
United States
The Future of Class B/C Building Controls and the Runtime Opportunity

Rigorous energy optimization typically involves upgrading a system component with a new component of higher efficiency. However, HVAC runtime is often overlooked in the creation of energy efficiency strategies, and using this as an evaluation metric can increase efficiency and savings for building operators. This session will explore how connected smart devices provide operational data to optimize HVAC runtime, increasing energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Alex McCarthy, PE, MBA, CEM, CPD, LEED AP is Associate Director of Building Systems at Sidewalk Labs where he leads the physical integration of the Mesa solution. Mesa is an easy-install energy-efficiency kit for Class B and C commercial buildings that cuts electricity costs, improves tenant comfort, and simplifies building operations.
With a global ghost kitchen start-up, he developed space and system design standards for multi-tenant food manufacturing facility platforms. He also created the property acquisition due diligence framework to assess conversion from low bay warehouse to this new asset class of non-consumer facing delivery kitchens.
At WeWork, he managed the MEP engineering team for the Eastern region of the US and Canada. Growing the team from two to eight diverse engineers, his team delivered over 7 million square feet of WeWork space.
Prior to working for technology-enabled real estate firms, he worked for Jacobs, Smith Group, a global Autodesk reseller, and Edwards & Zuck, now Stantec.
He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Master’s degree of Business Administration from the Georgetown McDonough School.

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