Albert Williams

Track F: Building Performance
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Freelance Energy Engineering Consultant and Training Instructor
Honeyguide Energy Engineering
South Africa
What to look for in compressed air system audits, and how much can you expect to save on average: a case study from 100 systems

Compressed air is the most expensive source of energy demand, and probably the most complex of the energy systems. It can therefore be quite overwhelming to those new to the energy engineering profession. However, even the most experienced may inadvertently limit him or herself to only focus on leaks and inappropriate uses, while there are so much more to consider regarding this dynamic and most-interesting energy system.

The speaker has spent most of almost two decades conducting over 100 compressed air system audits all around the world, as well as speaking and training on this topic to thousands of energy professionals. The paper presented categorizes the many considerations in compressed air systems, into nine summarized areas of saving opportunities. Attendees are presented with short rules of thumb for quick savings quantification when conducting level 1 type audits, as well as actual case studies showcasing what can be expected and what can be possible, when conducting level 3 type audits.

The average financially viable compressed air savings, based on the 100 audited systems, is more than 35%, with a return on investment of 123% per year. In this session, attendees are presented with the actual average savings for each of the nine areas of opportunities, as well as the probability that these opportunities will exist in the average industrial system. The studied sample of 100 audited sites therefor provide relatively accurate and reliable data to energy professionals when considering the level of detail and effort required in studying his or her own compressed air systems.

Albert is an energy engineer who has instructed over 160 training courses on Energy Management, Energy Auditing, Pump-, and Compressed Air -Systems (CAS). He has 18 years' experience, has conducted over 220 energy audits (incl. 88 CAS audits), and has travelled and worked in 43 countries.

He is an instructor and contributing developer of 19 different energy training courses, including the internationally certified CEM®, CEA™, and CIEP™ (lead developer). Albert is the author of the "Industrial Energy Systems Handbook", he has won multiple international energy engineering awards, he serves on the Global Guidance Committee of the AEE®, and he is an AEE® lifetime member.

As a freelance energy engineering consultant and training instructor, he works contractually for the AEE®, the United Nations (UNIDO), Canada's Econoler (CIET), Danish Energy Management, the Asian Productivity Organization, Glomacs in the UAE, and IEPA.

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