Aaron Brown

Track J: Energy Basics
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Sr. Engineering Manager, Energy & Sustainability
Cox Enterprises, Inc.
United States
Energy Audits 101

This presentation will be a discussion of the basics of energy auditing and the activities an energy engineer will want to undertake prior to the walkthrough of the buildings, tips and tricks during the actual visit, and the outcomes to deliver after the visit. It will focus on describing Level 1, 2, & 3 energy audit activities using the ASHRAE Green Book (Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits) and the ASHRAE Standard 211 as background.

Aaron Brown has 23 years of experience in the energy engineering field, having started that energy-engineering portion of his career at Johnson Controls, Inc where he developed energy auditing skills as part of their Performance Contracting business. At JCI, he spent the first half of his career performing energy audits, and then moved into a role that monitors the performance of the various projects that had been implemented (M&V). He has been at Cox Enterprises, Inc. since 2007 as part of the original founding team that launched the "Cox Conserves: sustainability program within Cox. In that role, he manages teams that perform energy audits of the various Cox facilities to help drive the portfolio of Cox companies to Carbon & Water Neutral by 2034.

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