Nicole Harvey

Pacific Northwest National Lab | Mechanical Engineer


Track G: Energy Services

Session G3: Energy Auditing

September 27, 2024 | 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Remote Building Energy Assessments with Modeling (BEAM) for Federal Buildings

The Energy Act of 2020 mandates that covered federal facilities be audited once every four years. In addition to this, all recommended measures that are found to be life cycle cost effective must be implemented within 2 years after the audit completion. The Building Energy Assessments with Modeling (BEAM) program seeks to help federal facilities meet these requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. The audits are conducted remotely, by collecting data from the sites such as BAS screen shots, buildings plans, control sequences, and discussions with site staff. Once the information is gathered, the Building Re-tuning Simulator (BRS) tool is used to create an energy model the building. Finally, recommendations are modeled using the BRS to evaluate the potential savings. Measures are focused around low and no-cost controls upgrades which help the facilities achieve significant savings with low costs

Speaker Bio

Nicole joined the Pacific Northwest National Lab in 2022 as a mechanical research engineer. Her main focus is on onsite energy technologies and building efficiency. In her role at the lab Nicole conducts site visits to DoD and GSA facilities to perform energy audits to meet federal requirements for building audits. In addition she has been part of several projects which assess the feasibility and ideal siting characteristics for geothermal electric generation technologies. Before joining PNN, Nicole previously worked as a mechanical engineer for a startup focusing on energy efficient indoor agriculture buildings where she designed energy efficient HVAC systems and implemented water and heat recapture systems to help reduce water and energy waste.

Nicole is passionate about the preserving the environment and also getting out to explore it. In her free time you can almost always find Nicole outside with her dogs and horses.