Mark Carlson

NGS | Director of Engineering


Track F: Building Performance

Session F3: Building Envelopes and Systems

September 27, 2024 | 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Building Envelope - Forgotten ECM?

Cost and carbon savings from building envelope improvements can’t always be done simply on a spreadsheet but they can be done. With a little effort and the right engineering partner, you as an energy engineer help your company, government, clients, or internal customers meet their stated carbon reduction and carbon neutrality goals. It is fair to wonder with so much attention (and money) going to renewable production how much attention (and money) is left for demand reduction including building envelope? Attend this session and you’ll be exposed to some of the tools available to help you not have a ‘forgotten ECM’ but rather consider an entire building in order to reach carbon reduction and carbon neutrality goals.

Speaker Bio

Mr. Carlson is an engineer dedicated to sharing accurate understanding of how window film and window inserts can improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of the built environment.

A Master’s graduate from the University of Notre Dame in Chemical Engineering with over 20 years in applied window film technology, Mr. Carlson is eager to have his experience regarding building envelope engineering and energy solutions benefit your company and your clients.

Mr. Carlson is currently the Director of Engineering for the largest nationally licensed window film contractor in North America, NGS.

Consistently the #1 Commercial Window Film Contractor in North America, NGS has national installation infrastructure, in-house engineering and energy services, multiple EDGAR-compliant contracting vehicles, GSA schedule, Tribal 8(a), SDVOB, SDB, and HUBZone Capabilities.

If you are looking for a glazing industry thought-leader, Mr. Carlson and NGS can help you navigate the effect of window film and window inserts on energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience.