Kat Janowicz




Track M: Sustainable Development

Session M1: Developing a Climate Action Plan and GHG Reduction

September 25, 2024 | 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Powering Change: The Energy Shift in Global Supply Chains from the World's Busiest Ports

Your smartphone and vehicle are the end result of a global journey involving thousands of parts sourced and assembled across continents, touched by countless hands before arriving in yours. This is the world of global supply chains—complex, interconnected, and impactful on both the planet and society.
Often utilizing the Just-In-Time strategy, these supply chains aim for efficiency but reveal vulnerabilities to disruptions, whether from the need for extensive power supply and infrastructure for electrification or from a regulatory landscape with misaligned benchmarks.
This discussion, inspired by “Chasing Zero: The Story of How the Busiest US Ports Cut Pollution, Reshaped Industries, and Influenced Geopolitics in the Ongoing Quest for Clean Air” by Kat Janowicz, highlights the challenges and trade-offs encountered in the over two-decade-long effort to decarbonize the global supply chains connected to the LA-Long Beach ports. Their collaboration with regulators, industry, and communities leading to substantial emission reductions have not only reshaped industries but also redefined global standards.
Dive into this intriguing mix of innovation and challenge, where every product tells a story of global collaboration and environmental responsibility. Join us to explore the fascinating logistics that power our everyday lives and the push for sustainability within them.

Speaker Bio

Kat Janowicz (Yah-NOH-vich), author of "Chasing Zero: The Story of How the Busiest US Ports Cut Pollution, Reshaped Industries, and Influenced Geopolitics in the Ongoing Quest for Clean Air," provides an in-depth look into the transformative journey of the LA and Long Beach ports within the realm of international trade. Her book delves into the inner workings of the goods movement industry, focusing on decarbonizing the global supply chains linked to these ports. “Chasing Zero” celebrates human innovation and collaboration towards achieving a sustainable, carbon-neutral future and honors those dedicated to solving complex environmental, economic, and technological challenges.

As a leading environmental and business strategist in energy, transportation, technology, infrastructure, and global trade, Kat's expertise includes advancing regional competitiveness, a skill honed through years of assessing clean technologies, demonstration projects, infrastructure upgrades, and their associated risks to facilitate informed decision-making. She has extensively evaluated solutions across cargo handling, transportation, and logistics, including equipment, trucks, ships, rail, public transit, and transport corridors. Her collaborative efforts with both public and private sector organizations, alongside local communities, cover a broad spectrum of projects and initiatives.

With nearly three decades of experience, Kat has gained a deep understanding of project and product lifecycles, from planning and engineering design through construction to operations and maintenance. She managed large commercial and industrial facilities and complex infrastructure projects, including the development of renewable and nuclear power plants. An expert in process improvement, she puts a premium on education, training, and lessons learned and is frequently invited to speak on these topics. She also serves on the board of several trade associations.

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