Joshua Lewis


Nerva Energy Group Inc. | VP Energy Engineering


Track F: Building Performance

Session F1: High Performance Buildings

September 25, 2024 | 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Case study - North America's largest Multi-Residential Smart Building Conversion

This presentation will present the case study on the results of North America’s largest Multi-Residential Smart Building Conversion from a business, carbon, and technology perspective. A partnership between Drewlo Holdings (based in London, Ontario) and Nerva Energy (Hamilton, Ontario) resulted in the installation of an advanced optimization platform into 80+ apartment buildings (10,000+ suites) in 2023, improving energy efficiency and driving a GHG reduction of 30% with a 15-18% ROI. This project sets a baseline standard for what is practically achievable across the 300,000+ apartments in Canada, proving a clear path forward for this critical asset class of “optimization first” before moving on to the next phase of carbon reduction opportunities through the retrofitting of heat pump systems to replace gas-fired boilers.

Speaker Bio

Josh Lewis, P.Eng, CEM is the VP Energy Engineering at Nerva Energy Group, an award-winning energy advisory firm and specialty contractor providing smart building optimization by leveraging niche expertise with leading IoT technologies to ensure buildings function more intuitively and efficiently, creating energy earning & carbon reduction opportunities, and fostering a positive impact on occupancy, quality of life and the overall environment.
Josh is an award-winning leader in the energy sector, including being recognized as the AEE International Energy Innovator of the Year in 2019, leading a 2022 Clean 50 Top Project, and being the principal on a project which won the 2023 CaGBC Green Building Visionary award. As a cutting-edge business development strategist with a wide knowledge base in green buildings, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental sustainability, his delivery of projects is with a commitment to continuous improvement and lean principles which leads toward world-class levels of performance through multi-tiered approaches.