Ali Hoss


Triovest | Chief Sustainability Offier


Track M: Sustainable Development

Session M1: Developing a Climate Action Plan and GHG Reduction

September 25, 2024 | 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Navigating the Green Transition: A Strategic Roadmap for Decarbonization in Commercial Real Estate – A Case Study

The commercial real estate industry stands at the precipice of a transformative era, with sustainability and decarbonization no longer aspirational concepts but imperative strategies for compliance, investor satisfaction, and market competitiveness. The upcoming AEE 2024 conference presents an invaluable opportunity to delve into the critical discourse of sustainable development within our industry. This presentation aims to dissect the complexities of decarbonization and offer a clear, actionable roadmap tailored for commercial real estate entities looking to pivot towards greener operations.

As we explore the intricate relationship between sustainable development and financial viability, this session will unveil a detailed framework for step-by-step technical and financial assessments that are essential for crafting and implementing a successful decarbonization strategy. The technical assessment will focus on energy efficiency, renewable integration, electrification, and deep retrofitting, while the financial analysis will cover capital allocation, investment returns, and leveraging green financing mechanisms.
The highlight of the presentation will be an in-depth case study of a 800,000 square feet building located in GTA Canada that is undergoing a rigorous decarbonization process. This case will provide tangible insights into the practical challenges and solutions encountered during the transition, including stakeholder engagement, regulatory compliance, and the use of innovative technologies and business models.

Attendees will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the vital components of a decarbonization strategy, enriched by real-world application and results. The session will culminate with an interactive Q&A, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences among industry peers, energy engineers and investors committed to driving sustainable development in commercial real estate.

Speaker Bio

Ali Hoss is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Triovest responsible for advancing sustainability performance, strategic growth, and technology innovation for a portfolio of $12B of commercial real estate in Canada. As the recipient of Globe and Mail Best Executives Award of 2024 and a distinguished winner of the Canada Energy Innovator Award by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in 2020, Ali works in close partnership with some of the largest Pension Funds in Canada crafting and implementing strategies that balance financial goals with environmental sustainability, fostering value creation and asset resilience while adeptly navigating and mitigating potential risks.
Ali is accredited as a professional engineer and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is an author of book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, a sought-after public speaker, and a guest lecturer at universities.

Before his tenure at Triovest, Ali's leadership was instrumental in shaping the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s (CIB) $1B public building retrofit financing program. He was also the architect behind the City of Toronto's ambitious policy strategy aimed at achieving net-zero emissions in existing buildings by the year 2050. In 2016, he led the innovative launch of North America's first extensive, performance-based energy conservation initiative, the IESO’s Energy Performance Program, which was supported by a $25 million budget.

In his leadership capacity, Ali serves as the co-chair of the BOMA Toronto Smart Building Committee and sits on the board of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers Energy Task Force. He is actively involved in REALPAC’s ESG Committee, Fitwel's Leadership Advisory Board, the CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Steering Committee, and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund’s (TAF) Grants and Programs Committee.