Presentation Title:

Using AI to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Nefarious Counterfeit Microelectronics

Track A: FED Energy

Session A3: Energy Security

Day 1  10:30 am



More than 30% of all integrated circuits in circulation today are counterfeit. Not only are these parts often of inferior quality, but many contain malware from foreign adversaries and domestic criminals. Unfortunately, many of these circuits have made their way into existing critical infrastructure – including utility equipment – and continue to infect the supply chain in various energy and equipment industries. In the event of an international incident or the outbreak of war, experts believe the entire American grid could be sidelined for 3-12 months. New technologies, including artificial intelligence, are seeking to solve this issue through rapid identification. This presentation will outline the types of counterfeit electronic parts, the current threat landscape, and how breakthroughs in AI can play a crucial role in battling the threats posed by the flood of counterfeit in utility and HVAC OEM supply chain.