Presentation Title:

Session H1 Chairperson

Track H: Decarbonization and Electrification

Session H1: Empowering Staff and Building a Decarbonization Culture

Day 1  2:00 pm



Most corporations and Institutions are recognizing their climate leadership role and have committed to deep decarbonization goals. Many have achieved significant energy efficiency reductions and have ongoing commitments to reduce their carbon footprints further. The pivotal factors influencing the long-term success of such initiatives is establishing a culture to achieve an organization decarbonization and sustainability goals and the proficiency of the building operations personnel. The need for well-trained staff is becoming ever more critical, as decarbonization leads to increasing system complexity This presentation delves into the critical role played by onsite staff in maintaining and enhancing energy savings achieved during typical projects.
This panel will examine the different ways training has been achieved, while recognizing different stages of progress an institution may face. Panel members will discuss the decarbonization paths their facilities have achieved, creating a culture to achieve ongoing initiatives and goals and how training is the key to obtaining and maintaining deep carbonization efforts at their facilities. Elements of a successful staff training program will be discussed focusing on the importance of equipping building operations personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain energy-efficient practices. A collaborative training approach will be stressed to ensure active involvement in achieving and maintaining energy conservation goals.