Presentation Title:

Rapid Functional Test for Quicker HVAC Commissioning

Track G: Energy Services

Session G2: Building Commissioning and Optimization

Day 2  9:30 am



Commissioning and troubleshooting control issues in HVAC systems with a Building Automation System (BAS) is typically a manual process that requires an operator to manipulate components and observe the corresponding changes while waiting for the system to reach a steady-state. This can be a time-consuming process, especially if assessing multiple control loops and/or pieces of equipment. The Rapid Functional Test (RFT) is a novel approach that allows for quick active troubleshooting by introducing a short pulse signal and swiftly estimating the response time of the system. The RFT can aid with control loop tuning by calculating parameters for proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. This presentation will provide an overview of the RFT approach and show how it’s implementation in real buildings can be used to correct control issues, increase the reliability of HVAC operations, and allow for the potential for deeper energy savings.