Presentation Title:

Navigating the SEM landscape: unpacking scalability for industrial energy management

Track J: Industrial Energy Efficiency

Session J3: Industrial Energy Management

Day 3  9:00 am



As a mission-driven public utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) collaborates with partner utilities and other stakeholders to design and test new models for energy efficiency programs that support quality of life and promote economic development opportunities in the communities it serves.

For its large commercial and industrial end users, TVA offers a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program designed to help companies reduce energy through operational and process efficiencies. Through on-site training sessions, access to incentives, and technical consulting, TVA is at the forefront of helping participants boost their triple bottom line through energy efficiency. This 24-month, cohort-style program comes at no cost and typically saves participating industries approximately 10% on their annual energy costs.

This presentation will highlight lessons learned from the first year of the pilot with specific insights on scaling a program from a customer-centric point of view, from recruitment and program design to continuous engagement. We will highlight case study examples intended to inform, encourage and inspire other energy service providers to consider SEM-based programs as a unique and effective way to engage a harder-to-reach customer segment.