Presentation Title:

Innovative Strategies for Reducing Embodied Carbon in Tall Building Renovations: A Net Zero Retrofit Approach

Track F: Building Performance

Session F1: High Performance Buildings

Day 1  3:00 pm



This presentation delves into the transformative potential of Net Zero Retrofitting as a sustainable solution for reducing embodied carbon in tall building renovations. Through a systematic approach, the process of Net Zero Retrofitting is elucidated, encompassing key phases such as evaluation, design, implementation, monitoring, and occupant engagement. By leveraging energy-efficient measures, renewable energy systems, and smart technologies, Net Zero Retrofitting aims to upgrade existing buildings to achieve net-zero energy consumption, thereby significantly mitigating their environmental impact.
The presentation underscores the multifaceted benefits of Net Zero Retrofitting, including environmental stewardship, financial savings, enhanced occupant comfort, and increased property value. It elucidates how Net Zero Retrofitting aligns with global sustainability goals and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as evidenced by compelling statistics and research findings. Notable case studies, such as 303 Battery in Seattle and the University of British Columbia’s Brock Commons Tallwood residence, exemplify successful applications of Net Zero Retrofitting principles in real-world contexts.
Through an exploration of innovative strategies and best practices, this presentation empowers stakeholders in the building industry to embrace Net Zero Retrofitting as a viable pathway towards achieving carbon neutrality and fostering a more sustainable built environment.