Presentation Title:

From Detection to Action: Advanced Fault Prioritization and Strategy for Superior Performance

Track G: Energy Services

Session G2: Building Commissioning and Optimization

Day 2  10:30 am



Today’s energy engineers, controls technicians, and facility managers must understand the critical aspects of fault detection and diagnostics within building management systems. This presentation will commence with an examination of strategic planning principles, underscoring the necessity of aligning fault detection with a client’s overarching objectives. This alignment ensures the deployment of sophisticated fault management techniques will contribute effectively to an organization’s goals, whether focused on cost reduction, operational efficiency, or sustainability.

An analysis of fault prioritization techniques will form the core of the discourse, focusing on evaluating the relative impact of faults by type and magnitude aiming to provide attendees with a framework for assessing faults in a manner that optimizes both maintenance resources and energy usage.

Case studies from healthcare and commercial industries will also be included. This will illustrate how different sectors have executed their fault management strategies to achieve targeted goals in energy efficiency and operational continuity.