Presentation Title:

Federal Sustainability Strategy Development

Track A: FED Energy

Session A3: Energy Security

Day 3  10:00 am



As sustainability and resiliency planning continues to become more prevalent in the private sector, many federal entities are finding that implementing sustainable practices by reducing consumption of limited resources with fewer environmental, social, and resilience-based consequences is essential. The world of federal sustainability planning, particularly concerning the Department of Defense, can be an arduous process given the number of drivers such as federal laws, executive orders, and service level policies that must be considered when developing sustainability strategies. This presentation walks through key drivers and pin-points definitive metrics that influence federal planning. Additionally, this presentation will explore how to shape development of a sustainability strategy given the impact of various levels of guidance while keeping the mission of the organization at the forefront. Key takeaways include defining an organization’s “Lines of Operation”, setting goals that align with the “Lines of Operation”, understating the baseline and identifying sustainable actions that progress a federal organization towards a sustainable future.