Presentation Title:

Empowering and Building a Decarbonization Culture

Track H: Decarbonization and Electrification

Session H1: Empowering Staff and Building a Decarbonization Culture

Day 1  3:00 pm



In the realm of energy conservation, achieving sustainable results requires more than just implementing cutting-edge technologies or executing energy-efficient projects. One of the pivotal factors influencing the long-term success of such initiatives is the proficiency of the building operations personnel. The presentation will explore key components of effective training programs tailored for building operations personnel, recognizing that empowering building operations personnel is not just an investment in the present but a key driver for future energy conservation achievements.
Onsite staff performs a critical role in maintaining and enhancing energy savings achieved during typical energy conservation projects. While system deficiencies, equipment age and controls, and other issues play their part, meeting the often-varying day-to-day needs of occupants can be the most challenging aspect of building operations, and may ultimately be the root cause for why systems perform as they do. This session will focusing on the training aspect and emphasize the strategic importance of equipping building operations personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain energy-efficient practices. By adopting a collaborative training approach, organizations can unlock the full potential of their onsite teams, ensuring their active involvement in achieving and maintaining energy conservation goals.