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Empowering and Building a Decarbonization Culture – Northwell Health

Track H: Decarbonization and Electrification

Session H1: Empowering Staff and Building a Decarbonization Culture

Day 1  3:30 pm



Decarbonizing the healthcare sector requires fundamental changes to facility operations to be effective. Actionable plans must start from the top down in order for these decarbonization strategies to be effective. How Northwell Health was able to create an effective culture to pursue aggressive decarbonization strategies to meet and exceed its decarbonization goals while utilizing in-house staff for implementation will be demonstrated. An investment of a system-wide facility training program for building operators was implemented. This training and the healthcare organization’s culture fostered facilities operations staff to be empowered to suggest operational changes. As a result, measures were implemented that allowed the organization to effectively progress and exceed its decarbonization and sustainability goals.