Dr. Yousef Alhorr

Dr. Yousef Alhorr

Gulf Organization for Research and Development | Founding Chairman

September, 22 - 2:30 pm

Presentation Title:

Panel Discussion


Dr. Yousef Alhorr is the Founding Chairman of the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD), one of the major regional institutions spearheading sustainability initiatives in the MENA region. Specialized in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, he is leading R&D activities of GORD Institute – a research hub dedicated to enhance the performance of the energy sector by innovating solutions that maximize energy efficiency, explore new avenues for existing energy systems and develop renewable energy technologies.

With rich experience of working on energy efficiency of building and infrastructure projects, Dr. Yousef has remained a sustainability consultant for a variety of projects in the MENA region, providing strategic guidance on sustainable development for projects including all the stadiums currently being prepared to host the 2022 World Cup. He has also helped draft the first version of Section 7 entitled “Green Construction” of Qatar Constructions Specifications (QCS). His research also focuses on promoting energy efficiency in buildings through the development of the first-of-its-kind energy maps in the MENA region. These maps utilize energy performance labeling (EPL) for the betterment of the built environment. The EPL is integrated with spatial maps which are scalable to cover small neighborhoods to districts and can help decision makers in developing energy efficiency policies meeting the priorities set by the global agenda for combating climate change.


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